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FIFA 21: New Celebrations

The full version of FIFA 21 will be coming out very soon, We will have to learn new moves to do the new celebrations. Sadly, there is no demo for this year, so we have to wait a little bit longer to try the new celebrations until October 9. However, if you pre-order the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition you’ll be able to play from 6 October. Or if you are a member of EA Play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC you can participate in a trial beginning on October 1.

As usual, we are very exciting about all the new content of FIFA 21, a one of the most interesting things are the celebrations and EA Sports said that there will be plenty of new celebrations in FIFA 21. Here are some of them with their respective button combos:

Finger Twist (signature celebration) – Tap X

Cry Baby – Run to the camera

Disbelief – Hold R2 + R3↓

Dance and Spin – Hold R2 + Flick R3→→

“A” (signature celebration) – Tap X

Binoculars (signature celebration) – Tap X

Peace – Hold R1 + Double Tap ▢

Selfie – Run to ad boards

Knee Slide Spin – Hold L1 + R3↑→↓←

Royal Wave – Tap O (Random)

Hop and Point – Hold R2 + R3↓↓

Surf and Flex – Hold L2 + R3↓↑

Relax – Hold R2 + R3←

Camera Swipe – Run to camera

The button combinations can be complex, therefore, make sure you watch it a few times and master the combos, so you can pull out the right celebration in FIFA 21 wherever and whenever you want!

FIFA 21 is just around the corner, will be out on October 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you are expecting the release of FIFA 21 as much as we, don’t forget you can buy FIFA coins on FUTeamGo!