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Creative ideas for your summerhouse

Nowadays, you can find summerhouses in many gardens. Summerhouses are, of course, useful and functional but also add a touch of elegance and ambiance to a garden.  A summerhouse can be used in a multitude of ways. Alongside just using it as a storage or seating area, how about being a bit more creative about how you use your summerhouse?

A cosy corner for the kids

Fancy creating a little area for the kids? The summerhouse is the ideal solution. A summerhouse is an ideal play area for children! You’ll probably want to choose a soft surface for the kids to play on. The summerhouse can be designed according to your kids’ requirements. You could create a climbing and play area with a slide or climbing frame. Little boys may want to turn the summerhouse into an exciting jungle but it could also become a fairytale castle for the little princesses. Older kids may want to use the summerhouse as a chill-out room for after-school with their friends. How about installing a television with a play station and a mini-fridge to keep drinks nice and cool?

A bar in the garden

Everyone loves a barbecue in the garden with friends and family. But your garden will really stand out if you have your very own bar!  And why not add in real bar stools so your friends can sit at the bar and enjoy the authentic ‘bar’ experience? The bar must, of course, include a large fridge to keep your drinks chilled. And even if it rains, you can all go inside and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

Your own gym

Some people find regular gyms too busy and crowded. So how about turning your summerhouse into your own private gym? Install a bench-press or a squat-rack or buy a few loose weights and you could create your dream body in the comfort of your own summerhouse. To add a bit extra, you could also install a radio and speakers to give you a musical boost when training.

For the cold winter

Winter is coming! But you can use your summerhouse as a cosy, warm and welcoming area if it is well insulated. Snuggle up together under a blanket, with an electric fire in the cold, winter months. It’ll help pass the time during those dark, wintry days.

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