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Best ways to insulate a wooden garden building

Do you want to use your garden building as a gym, a garden office or a storage area all year around? To ensure a pleasant stay as well as proper storage conditions in autumn and winter, you should insulate your wooden garden building properly. Whether you are using a wood-burning stove or an electric heater to heat the room, adding insulation to a wooden structure is a must! An insulated building will last longer, and proper insulation will keep it cool during the summer, while warm and dry in autumn and winter. In addition, an insulated wooden garden building will be more energy efficient, so you will need a less powerful heater! If you want to learn how to properly insulate your wooden garden building, keep reading to find out more about floor insulation, wall insulation and roof insulation.

Floor insulation

When it comes to installing insulation to a wooden garden building, there are different types of insulation techniques you can choose from to keep your summerhouse or log cabin warm, dry and energy efficient. If you want to walk barefoot in your garden building during the winter as well, we advise installing floor insulation. The insulation work is carried out by laying thermal insulation plates between the floor beams, therefore the soil heat is well preserved. It is recommended to install floor insulation already during the assembly of your wooden garden building.

Wall insulation

To keep the heat in your wooden garden building, wall insulation is a must! During the insulation work, an extra inner wall, damp-proof foil and insulation boards are placed in, to ensure that the heat doesn’t leave the wooden structure. A proper wall insulation will help you keep the inner walls dry and avoid significant heat loss!

Roof insulation

The roof and the floor are the areas where the heat gets lost the most. To insulate the roof, thick insulation boards are applied to keep the heat inside of the wooden structure. If you have a wooden garden building with a flat roof, the insulation can also be installed on the inside!

Is your garden building prepared for the upcoming winter? If you have invested in the floor, wall and roof insulation, then it certainly is! Don’t have your own wooden garden building yet? Discover the range of summerhouses and log cabins on www.lugarde.com