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Summerhouse in autumn and winter

Autumn has not yet come to an end but winter is just around the corner. It’s getting colder and you should be thinking about preparing your summerhouse for the winter. It’s not too cold or too hot at the moment, and that’s a great time to get your summerhouse ready for the colder, winter period. There are various ways to enjoy your summerhouse throughout the colder winter months. You could use it as either a storage area or a cosy garden space. As well as these two options, there are many other ways you could put your summerhouse to good use.

Getting the summerhouse ready for winter

Fancy using your summerhouse to enjoy a good book or indulge in a drink and a few nibbles during the winter? Then you will have to ensure it is well insulated. You must also consider the following points:

–        Insulate the roof.

–        If your summerhouse has windows, make sure they are double-glazed.

–        Insulate the floor. 

–        You must also ensure that the walls are well insulated too.

Do you want to be really warm in the winter months? Then why not go for an electric, mobile heater? This will warm up those cold, winter days.

Other options for your summerhouse

Maybe you’re not bothered about using your summerhouse as a cosy location to read a good book? Then you could opt to use the space for storage for your outdoor furniture, for example. So that it is ready to be used next summer. It is always important to insulate your summerhouse. Then, if you do fancy using it during the winter, it is always ready to go. It can be used at any time, and you save time by getting the work done at the start.  At www.lugarde.com , there are many options for summerhouses and log cabins; you can even have your very own design created.