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Do you know what a mood board is?

A mood board is a digital collage of poster size. It is used to visualize a concept, idea, thought or feeling. This collage can be used to create an atmosphere using images or notes. A moodboard is an ideal method for concretely visualizing abstract ideas.




The literal translation of the word mood board is “mood board”. The board can be used to visualize ideas with images or to display notes and notes on them. A mood board is therefore versatile. A mood board is a useful tool for meetings and other business purposes as well as for goals such as furnishing a garden or home.



In addition, a mood board is excellent for making PowerPoint presentations or for use in a sales conversation. A digital mood board is set up with the help of photo editing programs such as Photoshop. It is possible to copy images from Google, Flickr or Pinterest and place them on the mood board. It is an excellent means of displaying ideas and train of thought without going directly into functionality and other concrete elaborations. A mood board therefore strengthens creative thinking. When a mood board is used to develop designs and ideas, it can be used in three stages:

–          The concept board can display a look and feel

–          The design board can help to develop a concept into a design

–          The style board will further shape the design into a more definitive design