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What? Madden NFL 21 Is Full Of Glitches?

Every year, in late August, social media will explode with clips of ridiculous and hilarious glitches from the latest Madden installment. This year is no different at all. More than one thinks that the release of Madden every year is a magical time when you can laugh all you want at the bizarre glitches. Little by little this has transformed into a tradition. 

In the past years, we have seen a lot of glitches one more frustrating than others, but all can make us smile at least once. The classic ones are the glitches that made players nearly impossible to tackle (all right this is not funny), or when the kick returners who caught a ball in their own end zone were awarded an automatic touchdown (this is even less funny).

One of my favorite glitches is where the players can carry the ball on their helmets. Another one is when the field lines disappear, making that the field looks like the saddest place on Earth. An interesting glitch is that who can change the passing of time itself, in Madden NFL 21 some games never end because the clock doesn’t run out ever. Another change of time passing is the slowdown of every action, this allows players to process information at super-human speeds.

By the way, why there’s no glitch which automatically farms Madden coins? I guess EA knows where to draw the bottom line.

Not every fan of Madden NFL 21 can live with this many glitches. That is why some gamers have been tweeting with the hashtag #NFLdropEA and bombard the game’s Metacritic page with negative reviews. Right now the game’s user rating is 0.3 out of 100, which is the lowest of any game on the site. 

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