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Why should you use attribution in marketing?


What does incrementality mean? The percentage of incremental value shows marketers the performance of different marketing activities. Incrementality is often expressed as a percentage, which is a KPI that helps marketers compare paid and organic campaigns quickly. Incrementality is a percentage that reflects a traffic source’s, campaign’s, or even a keyword’s additional value. It is often measured as a KPI. This enables marketers to analyze the performance of different marketing activities. They can see how paid campaigns compare with organic campaigns, for example. 


“Incremental effectiveness is the percentage of a customer’s journey that should be attributed to a particular traffic source when this traffic source is part of the customer’s journey, based on data collected.” This is the difference between attribution vs incrementality.


We’ve all been in this position: we place items in our shopping cart and prepare to checkout, but then we spot a field where we can enter a code to get a discount. Sometimes we stay on the site and go through the process to get the discount; other times we become frustrated and leave the site to find it elsewhere. The moment we click away from your website, we’re no longer in the “purchase funnel.


In a typical example of this debate, a customer is about to check out but then they see a field where they can enter a voucher code. Incentivizing them to look for a voucher code instead of finalizing the order. The customer does a search for “brand” + discount code and finds a code. They enter it and finalize the order. As a final takeaway, it is important to attribute credit to the different points of contact for customers. Attribution will show the amount of credit that should be attributed to each point.


Once you determine attribution and incrementality insights, the next step is to take action. As we discussed, it’s important to attribute and measure. Once you have that information, what should you do?