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A reliable supplier for your LM 2500 gas turbine

Whether you’re working in the commercial marine sector, a power generation plant or in offshore industry, a LM 2500 gas turbine will serve your enterprise excellently. Gas turbines allow atmospheric air to flow through a compressor, which pressurizes it. Should you be in the market for a high-quality LM2500 gas turbine, Mechanical Field Support B.V. is the specialist vendor you are looking for. As your one-stop-shop for gas turbine maintenance, services, parts and site management, MFS has expanded to all corners of the world since their start in 2001. They provide their expertise to a great many industries, particularly through long-term service agreements with their customers.

This company can service all your power needs

MFS likes to stay in close contact with their customers and partners, to ensure their cooperation is as fruitful as possible. As such, they can help you by providing your production line with superb equipment. By taking advantage of their friendly pricing and competitive labor rates, not to mention their efficient working methods and parts sourcing ability, this company can offer you significant cost reductions when compared to regular OEM rates. As if that wasn’t enough, their engineers are among some of the best in the field, ensuring you always receive superb service. MFS can provide your company with offers two types of LM2500: the 33,600 shp version and the 40,500 shp version. Should it be required, they also carry other LM series turbines in stock, such as the 1600, 5000 and 6000 models.

Superb services and quality products

LM series gas turbines are universally well-regarded as high-quality machinery, available at a solid price point. Their high fuel efficiency combined with their low failure rate reduces operating costs and downtime to a minimum. To obtain one of these fine apparatuses, you can count on the excellent services and products provided by Mechanical Field Support B.V. Reach out to the specialists of this company today to obtain more information and receive answers to any questions you may be left with.