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Mustread: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Within a few weeks, the book became a bestseller and received only positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. The author of the book – Anthony Iannarino – conducts trainings to improve sales worldwide, is an entrepreneur and author of several bestsellers, and maintains a blog where he gives advice on how to improve sales.

What is his book about?

Anthony Annarino never wanted to become a salesperson, speaker, business man and author of a popular blog. He got into this profession by accident, although in fact he wanted to become a rock star. When he realized he wasn’t going to be the next Mick Jagger, he switched to another question that has been debated for centuries: Why are only a small number of salespeople achieving great success while others are performing poorly?

The answer was very simple: the reason is not in the market, product or company, but in the seller himself. And, of course, many sellers can sell better and more at any time. The book contains a concentrate of ideas and useful tools that the author used in his practice, research and during his talks. And most importantly, it has a set of powerful techniques for self-persuasion and intrinsic motivation.

You will also learn how:

  • develop self-discipline and fulfill given obligations to oneself and others;
  • keep records and track your own growth;
  • do not be afraid of competitors and do not panic in front of them;
  • be more resourceful: mix your imagination, knowledge and experience into a single whole;
  • create deeper relationships with the client through storytelling;
  • diagnose the real goals and needs of your customers.

After reading the book, you will learn about all the strategies that the author suggests, and you can also easily develop your own, more suitable for your business. It does not matter if you are engaged in large or small sales, selling to individuals or legal entities, this book will become your real guide to the world of sales with practical advice and recommendations of an experienced practitioner.

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