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Bioretention system use; the best solution for tree planting companies

Most tree planting companies have a hard time planting trees in urban areas. Having to take the extant infrastructure and underground utilities into account is crucial. Indeed, damage to such utilities will see hundreds if not thousands of people in urban areas inconvenienced. Still, enough space for root growth must be allocated to prevent trees from dying prematurely. Without this root space they cannot absorb the necessary amount of water to survive. Treebuilders has pioneered several solutions for tree planters to aid them with planting and caring for trees, solving common problems encountered in urban greenery management. Their bioretention system is but one example of their widely used solutions.

Curb urban water runoff using a bioretention system

Tree planting companies regularly have to manage the issue of storm water runoff. The limited amount of greenage and few permeable surfaces in urbanized areas make managing water levels nigh-impossible. To make matters worse, in times of heavy rainfall urban water management is truly uncontrollable using conventional methods. The significant increase of the natural water balance invariably results in massively increased waste water discharges. If there are few or no water runoff options available, this already disastrous scenario is further exacerbated. To keep trees healthy during droughts and limit flood damage, a bioretention system can be used to solve runoff problems.

Every solution needed for urban greenery management

In addition to their bioretention system, Treebuilders has created many solutions for the various challenges facing tree planting companies. To give but one example, their development of the ‘sandwich construction’; it keeps soil from compacting, increasing available space for root growth. The experts at Treebuilders are at your disposal to discuss any and all solutions for your urban planting project. They will also happily answer any question you may have about their various technologies. Get your tree planting project right; work with Treebuilders today!

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