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A durable and efficient vegetable washing machine for your production processes

Do you work with fruit or vegetables in your business? Then it is a good idea to invest in a professional and high-quality vegetable washing machine. This way, you are able to fully meet the hygienic standards and regulations in your industry. Moreover, a reliable vegetable washing machine makes it possible to do this in a consistent way. You have to keep your products clean to keep up with the international trade norms and to deliver, of course, a high-quality product to your customers. This type of machine also improves your efficiency, because the washing process will be significantly faster when you have implemented it in your whole production process. If you are looking for a way to automate this process, then Allround VP is happy to help you.

A specialist in machines and products for vegetable processing

Allround VP is the perfect business partner when you need a solution for efficient vegetable and fruit washing processes. This company specializes in perfecting the vegetable washing machine according to your specific needs. They work at three different locations in the world, one in the Netherlands and two in India, from where they serve various production companies. Allround VP makes complete lines as well as single machines, among others the vegetable washing machine. This machine is designed to operate with a water basin, in which the water used in the commercial vegetable washer is recirculated to be used again. This makes the machine very durable as well.

Learn more about the machines from this company

Take a look at their various vegetable washing machines on the website of Allround VP and inquire about the possibilities. You can also watch videos about the particular machines to learn more or click on the ‘drawing’ button to see the measurements. Contact the specialists of this company for a tailor-made solution for your business and production processes.