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Improve the Dutch language at Katakura WBLC

Learning Dutch the fun way, Katakura WBLC has helped hundreds of people learning the Dutch language. We would love to help you too! Katakura WBLC has two locations, both based in Amsterdam. You can choose for yourself how long the course will take. We offer courses for a week, but also for 12 weeks, and in between! Speaking Dutch correctly (both in formal and informal settings) is only possible if you have a decent understanding of its grammar. This is why our courses are subdivided into a grammar part and a conversation part. Every day you will learn a new grammatical item which is immediately used during the conversation lesson. At Katakura WBLC, you are always taught the right order of the sentence as this is one of the major difficulties for non-native speakers. The classes are taught by specialist teachers who will help you speak correctly in a pleasant way without interrupting the flow of the conversation or disturbing the spontaneity of the moment. The end result is that you will be able to speak Dutch, the correct way. All this is at Katakura WBLC.

Develop your skills at Katakura WBLC

Develop your skills in the Dutch language. Katakura WBLC has the tools to help you and make sure you get the treatment and personal attention you deserve. Thanks to our experienced teachers you will leave our course with a certificate and a massive improvement in the Dutch language. Learning a language can be done everywhere, but our courses in Amsterdam values an informal and relaxed environment. Nice class rooms and a beautiful working environment provide you with excellent learning conditions. Coffee breaks and lunches make it even work better! Katakura WBLC helps you along the way.

Get to learn Dutch with Katakura WBLC

Learn Dutch with Katakura WBLC.