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Why should you apply multi-touch attribution marketing technology?

Odyssey is a web-based marketing attribution system that measures the success of digital marketing campaigns. Odyssey takes the entire customer journey into account and reveals to businesses the performance of their digital marketing channels. How does the Odyssey agency work?


Odyssey helps you get the most out of your e-commerce site. It reveals what your customers do before they purchase, and then offers analytical insights to help you better the shopping experience. Even if you have a low average order amount, Odyssey can still provide significant analysis. The threshold for a significant analysis is 1000 transactions per month. What do your customers do before they buy from you? Odyssey is an indispensable tool that helps uncover the final steps in the conversion process. You can see insights and recommendations to improve conversions. To use this tool, businesses need a certain volume of transactions per month. If your sales don’t yet fall within these requirements, you can still use this tool with the help of our fantastic data-as-a-service team.


At Odyssey, we believe that every customer experience has value. Every touchpoint in the journey has a positive impact on the shopper’s purchase decision. We attribute all of these customer experiences to an individual campaign or ad set. The amount you spend on advertising is determined by the attribution model you choose. When Odyssey works with clients, we offer multi-touch attribution. We believe that every touchpoint along the customer journey has value. This means, for example, that your company can credit an ad campaign for generating more sales, even if the customer found the product through a different channel. Each attribution model is calculated by weighing the various touchpoints to determine how much money should be allocated to each source.  To provide the best customer service possible, we take into consideration every action that has brought us to this point in the process. That’s why we apply multi-touch attribution. We credit all touchpoints in the customer journey and suggest a spend for each one. The amount of spend is determined by the attribution model you choose to apply. Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio attribution for that manner are both tied to last-click attribution. Which is clearly not ideal as stated in this article. Please consider tools like Odyssey to help out with new attribution models.