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Ductless Heat Pumps Save Energy

Ductless heat pump systems are designed to be energy-efficient while still providing a substantial amount of cooling. This means that ductless heat pumps can cool a home efficiently even in areas where the ambient temperatures soar well into the 90s during the summertime.

These systems are also more capable of coping with conditions that would drive other types of cooling equipment completely out of commission, such as intense weather. As a result, more homes and offices are choosing to install ductless heat pumps than ever before.

Ductless heat pumps have come a long way in the past decade. While typical mass-produced heat pumps used to struggle in the most extreme temperatures, demand for this technology has steadily increased in cold regions of North America, and the technology itself has matured enough to service these climates successfully. A ductless heat pump is able to provide air conditioning through its refrigerant, which means that it is capable of running even when the temperature is freezing outside. While some ductless heat pumps utilize ductwork to move air into the house, others operate without any external vents. This means that they are virtually silent while providing a consistent level of cooling.

Installing a ductless heat pump in your home will significantly improve energy efficiency. The unit uses a Freon refrigerant to generate a flow of chilled air, which in turn moves heat away from the air conditioner’s coil. As this air flows through the mini-spaces inside the air conditioner, the air gets colder, meaning that it does not need to work as hard to push air through the coil as it does in warmer air. This means that a greater amount of energy is available to the air conditioner to make it run at a more efficient level. It also means that you will be able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology, as more units are now incorporating this type of technology into their designs.

A ductless heat pump also offers many benefits when it comes to cooling. Unlike a traditional mini-split or vented system, it does not require an additional cooling fan, as its refrigerant refrigeration cycle will do a good job of maintaining cool air temperatures all throughout the unit. Remote control is included so that you can turn off the heating and cooling sections of the unit, should you desire, saving you even more money on installation costs. Because it utilizes a mini-split rather than vented or split units, it is also much more compact and easier to install, eliminating the need for any type of ventilation system.

Depending on your location, you may be required to pay a different rate when it comes to your ductless heat pump. Some areas, such as those located in or around small homes, may have higher commercial or homeowner rates. Even if you are required to pay these higher rates, however, the savings you will make will more than makeup for the increased expense. If your home is located in a colder part of the country, for example, the difference in monthly rates may be minimal, but still worth the investment made on your indoor unit.

The installation process of ductless heat pumps is quite easy, especially if you purchase a mini-split heat pump. All that you need to do is open up one end of the ductless heat pump packaging, expose the electrical wiring to your indoor unit, and hook the unit up to power. Since most mini-split heat pumps are designed to operate with a single circuit, this step is actually unnecessary, as you can simply run the cord from one outlet to another without any interruption. Once installed, you can enjoy your new heating or cooling unit immediately. Many stores that sell ductless heat pumps also carry other energy-saving equipment, such as window blinds and space heaters.