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ANPR: What is it and why is it important?

ANPR is short for automatic number plate recognition. The name is pretty self explanatory of what ANPR really is. The ANPR system is a technological structure that scans the data of the number plates from vehicles and stores it for safekeeping. This type of sophisticated system that scans the sensitive information of one’s vehicles isn’t available for just anyone to purchase. The most common group to use the ANPR system is law enforcement, they require the number plate data to do their jobs efficiently. 

ANPR inner workings

The inner workings of the automatic number plate recognition technology are quite simple. The system is made up of a few key parts that make up the whole. Firstly, there is the camera that does the scanning of the number plates. When law enforcement uses this technology, they place the camera on top of their vehicle in an angle that can clearly capture the number plates. Secondly, there is the optical character recognition software system. This factor is responsible for examining the images the camera saves and differentiate the data on the number plate. Finally, there is the database. This is where all of the data gets collected and stored to be used later for something important.

What is it used for?

When law enforcement uses the ANPR system, they use it to do their jobs. They track down missing vehicles or stolen ones, or use the data to try and help them with another case. If we look at places with restricted parking and they use the automatic number plate recognition system, they use it more for regulating parking rules and making sure people follow them. You can do quite a bit with this system thanks to its flexibility.

The benefits of using ANPR

This kind of technology has proven how befenificial it is to have it. The fact that law enforcement uses ANPR is proof enough of how good this system is.

The benefits of ANPR:

  • It’s a more reliable form of having security.

  • Human errors will be cut exponentially.

  • It’s incredibly adaptable as seen in its flexibility.