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The importance of pure water systems

It is common knowledge that water is one of the most, if not the most, important substance for humans, flora and fauna all over the world. However, chemicals, gasses and other biological contaminants may be harmful for water and in extension, for our health. It is therefore important to purify water before use. This is where pure water systems come into place. Thanks to water purification water can be fitted for a specific purpose by removing unwanted substances. For example, it can be used to transform salt water or contaminated water into clean drinking water.

Ultra-Pure Water for specified industries

It is also possible to purify water with pure water systems in such a manner, that virtually no traces of any other substance remain. This results in so-called Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) and is applied in for example pharmaceutical, chemical and general industries. Deionx is one of the specialised companies that have engineered several state-of-the-art water purification systems. They are also available for installation processes, maintenance requests and technical support. Thanks to many years of building experience, you are assured of professional assistance and support. They provide an innovative system design that perfectly suits your company’s needs. Some of the products Deionx provides are:

  • Pure water systems
  • EDI modules and DC power supplies
  • Ligui-Cel degassing modules

Rely on 24/7 worldwide technical support

If you are in need of pure water systems, Deionx is the best partner for your solutions. They are the specialist in (C)EDI applications and provide the best high-quality 24/7 technical support worldwide. Make sure to contact them for an inventory of your current water systems and situations during an obligation-free appointment. A purified water specialist will visit you and provide advice about the most suitable system for your situation. Give them a call or get more information from their website.