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Protect nuts and bolts effectively with a stud bolt

The assortment of HBS Solutions B.V. is all you need when you are looking for the perfect stud bolt for your constructions. They offer a very wide range of so-called BoltShield® caps, which are specifically designed to protect nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt. In other words, you need these caps to prevent rust and corrosion affecting these materials. The stud bolt caps from BoltShield® are made out of stainless steel and have a special internal female thread. This thread is called a screw-on system, which ensures a strong and secure fixing to the bolt. Besides steel, there are also caps made of LDPE plastic. A major benefit of these stud bolt caps is the user-friendliness of the material; you do not have to use additional tools to install and remove them.

A suitable stud bolt in your situation

In what situation do you need a particular type of stud bolt? When you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you choose for the plastic ones. The quality of this material is of course sufficient to apply the stud bolts, but the limited durability is an aspect that has to be taken into account. When you need more durable stud bolts, the stainless steel bolt caps are a better option for you. The two different types of stud bolt caps this company offers, each provide different levels of protection. The first type covers both the exposed part of the bolt thread and the nut, while the second type only protects the bolt thread. All the aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel caps are suitable for coating and can be supplied in different bolt sizes.

Ask for the right advice

When you want to be sure that you choose the right stud bolt caps in your situation, the specialists of HBS Solutions B.V. are happy to inform you about their products and give their advice. With the help of these experts, you surely discover the benefits of this company’s products. You also can find all the necessary information about the stud bolt caps in the PDF file on their website.