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Important considerations for headsets

Are you planning to purchase headsets for use in your organization? Then there are several things you need to consider. When in doubt or for advice, you can always the reliable customer support of AXIWI. They are happy to help you make the right choice for  warehouse communication systems that you can rely on.

Wireless communication systems are finding an eager audience in the corona era. Partly due to extra crowding in certain segments, but also from a hygiene point of view and the imposed social distance.

Wireless communication in distribution center popular because of corona
Corona and the 1.5 meter society have major consequences for the logistics sector. Also in the field of labor in and around DCs. It demands creativity, flexibility and safety. It is precisely these three aspects that are leading to an increase in the use of wireless (pick) systems in logistics. This is apparent from a survey of suppliers of such technology.

The popularity of wireless communication systems is not just destined for distribution centers. The use is also increasing in production companies, according to Axitour Communication Solutions. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, this company has seen a sharp increase in the demand for wireless communication systems in production companies. The companies are using the systems in production environments, with a lot of ambient noise due to the machinery for example, so that colleagues can communicate with each other via headsets easily and wirelessly without exceeding the 1.5 meter rule, according to the company.

Mouthpieces and voice systems can it be done?
Voice is a frequently used wireless communication system in warehouses. With corona, mouth guards have also made their appearance, including in distribution centers. Does that go together? Yes, it does. Mouth masks are not a problem for voice is the unequivocal answer from vendors.