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A briefcase backpack combination for your day-to-day life

With the briefcase backpack combination of Evan Red, you bring style and comfort into your daily life. When you travel for business, you obviously want to be able to take your belongings with you in a practical bag. It is important that your laptop, notepad and other daily essentials are safe in your bag. The bags of this expert are designed in the Netherlands and they are hand crafted with care by the best artisans. Only the best materials are used, which guarantees a bag that will last for years. Here you will find the perfect bag for you if you love comfort, quality and style.

This expert ensures 100% customer satisfaction

The briefcase backpack combination is available in 7 colors, so you will easily find a bag that suits your style. The quality of the bag is one of the top priorities for Evan Red and they apply strict quality control. At this webshop, you are therefore assured of a bag of the best quality. If something unexpectedly went wrong with your order, they will always find an appropriate solution. At this company, service and quality are therefore paramount!

Shop a leather bag that lasts for years online

When you buy a bag of this expert, you are the proud owner of a top-grain leather briefcase backpack combination. The benefits of leather are almost endless. For example, leather is flexible and at the same time very sturdy, making this material last for years without tearing. Leather is also waterproof, so your belongings are well protected against rain. You also save money in the long run by investing in a leather bag. Because leather lasts for years, you don’t have to buy a new bag, which costs you less money than when you would buy a new bag every year. Shop this perfect bag in your favorite color at this online store!